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About Animal Volunteers Of India

About Animal Volunteers Of India This platform is brought to you by Puprise with the support of honorable Smt. Maneka Gandhi & PFA (People for Animals also known as PFA is India’s largest animal welfare organization with a nationwide network of 26 hospitals, 165 units and 2.5 Lakh members.), Puprise is about bringing together Animal Volunteers in India, to save animals and give them a good life they deserve. Our technology powers your passion for animals and allows you to get involved. We are strongly determined to protect animals. We’re proud of this initiative to join hands for betterment of animals and excited about our future – join us to help move the world to protect animals. We believe in the power of unity. Our Mission is to create an India wide network of volunteers that can help animals in need; we intend to leave no animal abandoned & create a seamless platform which gives access to live and exhaustive directory of lakhs of animal volunteers in India to help animals in need. Regardless of your age, volunteering for animals can be a fantastic way to direct your passion for animals and related causes. From shelter homes, zoos, animal charitable trusts to rescue organisations, there is no dearth of platforms for you to venture the field of animal volunteering. If you have ever contemplated the idea of doing something for the animals, volunteering can be a great start. We hope that you share your experiences with friends and family, and you encourage them to join the adventure of a life time Animal Volunteering. lets come together and build a Strong Animal Volunteers Network in India.